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Thread: RIP Bruce Brucato

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    RIP Bruce Brucato

    It was with great saddness I learned today of the passing of Bruce Brucato, guitarist with Buffalo NY area fusion group Gamalon. Releasing a string of albums with them in the late 1980's into the 90's, he was known for his clean chording, volume swell technique and incredible soloing on the albums "Gamalon", "Ariel View", "Held to the light", "High Contrast" as well as "Project activation earth" with sax player Ernie Watts. I saw Gamalon over 200 times (really) and loved every note the guy played. After a succession of line up changes the band ceased in the 00's, but he was a constant member contributing playing and writing skills throughout their existance. They performed a reunion gig in December of 2012 that had one of the largest capacity clubs in the WNY area packed to the rafters. RIP Bruce Brucato

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    Sorry to hear this. Bruce was an excellent guitar player. I only saw Gamalon once (with Ernie Watts) and it was a stunning show. RIP.
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    Well that sucks. I have the first two Gamalon albums and enjoy them immensely. That was my introduction to modern fusion and prog metal, and I think I prefer that stuff even to Dream Theater.

    RIP Bruce.

    (Btw, this is very much a prog-related topic and should be on the main page.)
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    Saw this posted:

    Bruce Brucato who played for several years with Buffalo fusion supergroup Gamalon, as well as a long stint with Junction West, is facing his final moments at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Former Gamalon band mate and guitarist extraordinaire George Puleo stopped by Artvoice in deep sadness to say Bruce had probably only a few hours left. But it was only a few minutes later when we got a call saying Bruce was gone. Anyone who ever saw Gamalon, heard and watched the phenomenal interplay of guitar solos between Puleo and Brucato will understand what a loss to the music community Bruce Brucato’s passing is. May he have peace wherever he is… and a guitar.


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