Our goal at Progressive Ears is to provide an enjoyable, enlightening experience for all of our members. We seek to transcend the mediocrity, chaos, bickering, and excess emotion that is so typical on other Internet forums. The rules listed below are intended to support this goal.

The owners and moderators of this web site will do what is necessary to protect the integrity and objectives of the site. This includes enforcing the rules in the spirit of our best ability and judgment. In this spirit we will delete messages, move threads to the appropriate forum, and ban offenders.

  1. Be respectful. The screen name you are talking to is a real person. Treat others as if they were sitting across the table from you.

  2. This is a music forum. It is not a forum for expressing your views on politics, religion, race, sexual orientation, or any other sensitive subjects. There are literally thousands of forums on the Internet for those topics - and this is not one of them.

  3. This is not a forum for trading illegal copies of copyrighted materials, unreleased live shows, promoting unlawful downloads, etc. The only trading that is allowed is trading of legal, original copies of released works.

  4. Be pertinent. Friendship and camaraderie are encouraged, but please avoid an excess of personal messages in the discussion forum. Use private messages and the chat room instead.

  5. Please enlighten us with your positive views. It is unnecessary and destructive to tell us about music you hate. Do not start threads about music you don't like and do not post confrontational messages to threads about music you don't like. Feel free to express negative opinions as long as they are enlightening and respectful of the tastes of others, and in the spirit of critical debate. The moderators will not mediate inter-personal arguments. If you feel that any member is bullying or being consistently confrontational, you must use the "ignore" feature.

  6. Please moderate your language. Expletives may occasionally add value in getting your point across but are generally unnecessary. Please avoid excess.

  7. Be honest. Multiple ID's and other forms of deception are not allowed at Progressive Ears..

  8. Do not use the forum exclusively to promote yourself or the artists you represent. Self-promotion is occasionally acceptable only by those who post regularly and on topic. Self-promotional messages may be moved to the Off-Topic forum at the moderators' discretion. Spam will be regulated at the moderators' discretion.

  9. The Main forum is for directly sharing information about progressive music and artists. The Off-Topic forum is for other music, and for occasional posts for community announcements and arts related subjects. Think of it as a progressive music magazine - in which the cover items are posted on the front cover (the main board), and other news, community items, and classified ads are relegated to the back of the magazine (the Off-Topic section). We will be fairly liberal about the content we allow in the Off-Topic forum, but w ill delete messages that add no value to the Progressive Ears community. Threads occasionally meander off their original subject - and in these cases, and when threads are posted in the incorrect location, they will be deleted, sent to the Private Messages forum, closed, or moved to the appropriate forum at the moderators’ discretion.

  10. Abuse of others in the chat room or in private messages, or using private messages specifically for blatant self promotion or spam, or using Progressive Ears to broadcast non-music-related spam of any sort, will not be tolerated and will lead to loss of privileges.

  11. Progressive Ears has provided the ability to post pictures and YouTube videos. If the picture has nothing to do with music, it should not be posted here. Pornographic, political, religious, or pictures that are offensive in any other way will not be permitted. In particular, pornographic pictures will be grounds for dismissal. Use this as your guideline: You should be able to view posted pictures in the average family or business environment without raising eyebrows. Do not include pictures in your signature, and please restrict the size of the pictures you post to a maximum of around 400 pixels across.

Legal Disclaimer

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Image Guidelines:
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