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    Yes I will probably get this as well.
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    Btw, Heilung will be touring in the USA & Canada late August-early October. Tickets can still be had at most locations without dealing with the legalized scalpers. Prices are not bad. I just picked up a ticket for Detroit. I saw them on the Futha tour, and it was incredible. Don't sleep on this if interested. Dates can be found on their Bandcamp page.

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    Pendragon have a new blue smoke double vinyl release of the acoustic version of the Love Over Fear:

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    Tercia-El Viaje
    TERCIA was a great Mexican symphonic progressive rock band in the mid 70’s and early 80’s but unfortunately, they never released a record back then. It is until now that original keyboard player and composer Fernando Garrido has rescued the original pieces from obscurity by recording them for the first time. “El Viaje” (“The Voyage”) is, as its title suggest, a journey into the glorious past of progressive rock in the vein of ELP, Yes and PFM.
    A brief story.
    It all began back in 1974 in Mexico City when high school fellows Fernando Garrido (keyboards, voice, composition), Héctor Gómez (bass, flute and voice), Rogelio Garrido (drums and percussion), decided to form a band and play the music they liked: ELP, PFM, Focus, Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant and Kansas. Guitarrist Tomás González joined later. TERCIA was born.
    TERCIA pioneered symphonic/ fusion Mexican Progressive Rock with bands like Nobilis Factum, Nirgal Vallis, Chac Mool and Iconoclasta.
    Unfortunately, TERCIA disbanded leaving no more than a couple of low-quality recordings and the memoirs of those who witnessed the high intensity concerts they used to give; fuelled with passion and well-crafted compositions.
    “El Viaje” is a 75 minutes recreation of the sound of the band. Every instrument on this CD was recorded by Fernando Garrido. The original arrangements were fully respected. This is just the way the band used to sound: Pure symphonic progressive rock.
    Azafran Media

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    Released today


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