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Thread: Cheeto's Magazine - Boiling Fowls

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    Here's your Cheeto magazine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunhillow View Post
    Once in awhile I discover something through Progstreaming that's really worth all the attention it can get.

    But the fact that some of the members of this boards suspects me of spamming or trying to raise attention for the site itself, prevents me from addressing this.

    To hell with them.

    Cheeto's Magazine - Boiling Fowls

    It's like Spock's Beard on steroids. It's like Beardfish gone Speedy Gonzales. It's like Moon Safari in leather pants.
    It's is a free download on their Bandcamp (

    So, see those teddy bears running for their lives!

    Here's the stream:`s%20Magazine%20-%20Boiling%20Fowls
    Their second album is, so to speak, a serious candidate, in the category of Progressive rock, for the best album in 2019 so far.

    Aside of 25 minutes long epic 'Big Boy' , 'Ready to Rumble' is my favourite little gem from the album and I'm glad that that song already got a charmingly featured video indeed.
    I really got to fall in love with their happy prog.

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    Uplifting and happy prog at its best. The new album is even better than their debut


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