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Thread: FEATURED CD - Happy The Man The Muse Awakens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    it's been out of print for a number of years, Chris. Certainly since Inside Out / SPV went bust and possibly before
    Gotcha. I didn't realize that was another one of those things that was on Inside Out. My lost, then. I'll have to keep my eyes open for if/when a decent priced copy turns up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enid View Post
    Heard a tape at a friend's house of Happy The Man live in 2000 at Nearfest. The version of "Contemporary Insanity" was amazing! All the material, old and new, was completely outstanding. I hope someone on this planet officially releases this concert. I would die for this. The members of this band are characters on stage. They are a bit comical and entertaining in a sarcastic way.
    Would be an auto buy for me if it was ever released. Pretty sure their ProgDay performance in 2002 was recorded as well. That was another great one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dregsfan View Post
    Really love the cd, although the balance was tilted just a bit too far to the mellow side for my taste. IMHO, the Rosenthal-penned tracks are the strongest with the most memorable melodies. Along that line of thinking, the Frank/Stan tunes have always benefited from a 3rd writer/arranger in the band (Kit, Rosenthal, Bill Plummer) as their efforts without one (Pedal Giant Animals and OS's second release) aren't nearly as strong. YMMV.
    That's why I thought the post on the Happy The Fan-site about a different track-order on the promo was interesting. That promo sounds as if it's more in balance.

    "(The promo) has track 4 and 10 the other way around, so on 4 is Kindred Spirits and on track 10 is Maui Sunset. I thought this order was great, because the sea-sounds at the beginning of Maui Sunset seem to give this track a link to the following Il Quinto Mare, which also has the sea-sounds. I also think that placing Maui Sunset after Stepping Through Time is a bit strange; both tracks have a kind of epic feel and both have in fact the only two real guitar-solo's."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve F. View Post
    it's been out of print for a number of years, Chris. Certainly since Inside Out / SPV went bust and possibly before
    A bit old news, but Frank Wyatt has re-released The Muse himself a few years ago:!

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    I just listened to this for the first time in years (on a road trip down to San Diego), and it held up better than I remembered.

    The best tunes are top quality, but as other people have mentioned, the quieter tunes are a bit of a disappointment. When the early band, with Watkins did quieter tunes, they had a certain power and mystery to them. On this, they are kind of limp.

    I just think about this album as an EP, skip the weak tunes, and I am perfectly happy. But then, I tend to rate artists by their best pieces, but don't tend to downgrade them too much based on their weak pieces.
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