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Thread: Psychedelia is a 5 cd budget box set with 2 unique pulls for buyers.

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    Psychedelia is a 5 cd budget box set with 2 unique pulls for buyers.

    There are 2 main reason for putting these albums together in a 5 disc collection: 1) these discs are all considered psychedelic from 1967 and 1968. 2) the most important reason is that All of these albums have someome in them them that ended up more famous in later bands.
    Here are the details:

    Psychedelia is comprised of 5 albums

    Yardbirds - Jimmy Page
    Tomorrow - Steve Howe
    July - Tom Newman, who went on to glory as the engineer of choice for Mike Oldfield.
    Idle Race - Jeff Lynne
    The Gods - Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake

    I thought these CDs would be very interesting to some of the proggers here!
    These are available at and

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    Members of July also showed up later in Jade Warrior if I'm not mistaken.

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    A great set and amazing value. Unfortunately I've had these for several years, and the older editions have the extra tracks. Anyone know if the mastering is the same as what we have had previously for these albums?

    I hope the mono mix of 'Tomorrow' appears on a widely available CD- I've heard something about the mono mix turning up on some Japanese import but I can't be bothered with that. Whoever did the 90s reissue made the strange decision to include the fake stereo mixes of 'My White Bicycle' and 'Revolution', which are borderline unlistenable on headphones. Still, that 90s issue does have the amazing version of The Byrds' 'Why', with Steve Howe really stretching out on guitar.

    The Gods' album is terrific, I think they are like a poppier Vanilla Fudge- lots of heavy guitars and organs with short, sharp songs full of harmonies.

    'Little Games' isn't up to much, but 'Glimpses' is amazing.

    The Idle Race and July albums might overdose a bit on tweeness for some tastes...I can tolerate that kind of pop-psych sound, but some can't. The Tomorrow album has that about it as well in places.

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