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Thread: Prog in unlikely places

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    I am not such a fan of Fincher (still those first 3 movies of his were excellent).
    I really like Se7en, Dragon Tattoo and especially Zodiac, but Benjamin Button and the rest of them are not my case at all.

    As for Mindhunter, I could watch that series for Anna Torv alone. The most gorgeous and simultaneously charismatic woman on TV nowadays, and that voice...
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    One of these days, I need to chronicle all of the bootleg uses of prog tracks in the soundtracks of Chinese and Turkish movies. Master of Flying Guillotine is the most [in]famous example, with all the NEU! and Tangerine Dream stuff (Quentin Tarantino even stole—sorry “paid homage to”—this in one of his films). I was extremely surprised when I finally saw the infamous Category III trash-terpiece Lewd Lizard and found both Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Vision Is a Naked Sword” and ELP’s “The Endless Enigma, Part I” on the soundtrack. The latter turned up again in Şeytan (PG-rated Turkish rip-off of The Exorcist with an Islamic theme).

    Wish I could remember the name of the chop-socky flick which used the Einstein in Eden album on it’s soundtrack—how did something so obscure even find its way to Hong Kong?
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    This past Wed night, I was watching the Penguins play the Colorado Avalanche. During one break in the action, the PA at the Pgh arena started playing Yes, "Roundabout".

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    This evening we were celbrating my dad's 91 birthday in a local restaurant and at some point I heard Sabbath bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath.


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