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    Hubro music

    I'm a little surprised there has been no talk of the very very current and progressive Hubro music label here, save for the occasional review from John Kelman and link to Sid Smith's site. Any fans or recommendations here? This follower throws out doom-piano crew Splashgirl's name into the discussion ring...

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    I think the only thing I have heard from them is the Norwegian trio Astro Sonic who released their first album last December. Improv based post-rock/fusion, not bad. Features one of the members from Grand General, can't remember who else.
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    I found Møster!: Edvard Lygre Møster under the Christmas tree this year. Its the bands first album and it was recorded live. If you like improv with prog and jazz elements you might want to check this out. My wife hates it which is usually an indicator of greatness in my house. :-)

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    Is there any way to buy these CDs without going through the Hubro site and paying the extortionate equivalent in NOR Kroner? Seems to me they need more widespread distribution...

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    Try Forced Exposure for distribution from the US.

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    Both Amazon in the US and in Japan carry items from this label.


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