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    Todd Rundgren

    Not sure which board this guy belongs in but if you ask "is it prog?" well, he's definitely got a progressive mindset.

    I've been obsessed with the run of Todds from The Ballad of Todd to Todd, plus the first Utopia album ("The Ikon" is so incredible; reminds me an awful lot of "Tarkus" but with Todd's excellent balladeering instead). I've just now heard Initiation and haven't been able to piece heads or tails out of it. I love both the ballads he does ("Boat on the Charles" is one of the most beautiful songs ever written if you ask me) and the crazy freakout stuff like the first side of A Wizard, A True Star (which makes my top 20 list). Is it worth getting his stuff in order or did he kind of blow up from there?
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