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Thread: Rick Wakeman interviews Tony Iommi

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    Rick Wakeman interviews Tony Iommi

    Wakeman's "Face To Face" interviews were probably posted in the past, but if this is new to you check it out.

    Iommi seems like a real nice bloke.

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    Yes they've been posted but always worth a re-post as they are excellent. The Ian Anderson and Brian May episodes are great too, and the ones with Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton, and Jon Lord (RIP).

    This Iommi one is interesting, at one point he's talking about his brief time with Tull, and how amazed he was at the fact that they had to turn up for rehearsal at 9:00 in the morning. He says "Blimey!" a lot.
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    My friend Chris Shryack (guitarist from Under The Sun) once asked Tony Iommi if his finger tips pop off when he bends a note.
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    Ya, Tony is a super nice guy. And for those not aware of it, he was diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma I think) a couple years ago and rather than just walking away from music, he would take his chemo treatments, lay low for a couple weeks to get over the side effects, then spend 6 wks touring and working on the new album ("13")...then back home for more treatments...then back out on the road again. Tony is a real life "Iron Man" and an incredible inspiration for anyone facing a tough illness. Besides that, he was the first guy that inspired me to pick up a guitar when I saw Sabbath play the California Jam back in 1974 (on tv) so he always holds a special place in my heart.
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