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Echo Us to set to play Jimmy Maks and more- release video mini-documentary about new album, 2:12, Priori Memoria.

2013 Independent Music award-winners Echo Us will play two more Portland area shows to start off 2014- The first being Jan. 28th at Jimmy Maks opening for Mel Browns Septet. The show is part of Jimmys Partners In Jazz series and brings together an extra-eclectic night of Echo Us pop / classical fusion with jazz.

Echo Us upcoming album, 2:12, Priori Memoria is on its way in 2014, and a mini-documentary on the recording of the new album is just released. A video for the single Nightlight also recently appeared, featuring vocalists Ethan and Henta morphing their interlocking duets amidst a background of concert harp, strings and oboe. Ethan emphasizes what a natural process the album was to make, and how much it was a step outside from the successful formulae already put it place on the previous album Tomorrow Will Tell The Story.

Priori Memoria firmly fuses Echo Us ambient music core with live classical musicians. It was a very organic process says Ethan. The entire recording sounds like a live performance. It is quite possibly the most innovative work in the Echo Us catalog, and was put together in such a way as to make one feel a continuous stream of images and emotion, based off of only a few melodic fragments- In that way, its a classical composition, contrapuntal, with many melodic inversions and alterations creating its flow. The album barely features anything resembling a drum kit, and that was intentional.

The new album features Raelyn Olson (Concert Harp), Chris Smith (Flute), Christina Fitzgerald (Oboe), and as mentioned, the vocals of GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Henta.

Echo Us will announce release plans for the new album in due time, and continue their acoustic performances.