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    Sensations' Fix

    My newest 'accidental' discovery today. Gorgeous! I was at a brick 'n' mortar cd/record store today & they had this track playing. Loved it right away. I gotta assume this group is already well-known here on PE.

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    Fragments is a very good album
    but their ultimate masterpiece (albeit horrendously produced) is Portable Madness
    Why is it whenever someone mentions an artist that was clearly progressive (yet not the Symph weenie definition of Prog) do certain people feel compelled to snort "thats not Prog" like a whiny 5th grader?

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    I first heard SF when I picked up the "Progressive Italia Gli Anni ’70" CD boxset series that includes 6 of their works. They became an instant favorite. In addition to Portable Madness, I'm especially fond of Finest Finger. I haven't heard Vision's Fugitives, Sheriff, or Antidote, but based on PA reviews, they are the ones to skip - not that I've run across any copies or them.

    Have fun listening to your new discovery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    In addition to Portable Madness, I'm especially fond of Finest Finger.
    Yep. While "Portable Madness" is the one that I would usually recommend to a prog fan, for me personally, if I could only have one Sensations' Fix album, it would be "Finest Finger." However it rocks out a bit too much for some people. I'd recommend "Boxes Paradise" before "Vision's Fugitives." If you like the first two Sensations' Fix albums, then you should also track down Falsini's "Cold Nose." "Antidote" is awful and to be avoided. It has nothing to do with Sensations' Fix. I've never heard "Sheriff."

    I have the "Progressive Italia Gli Anni" boxset, but I don't care for the remastering on those. My preferred cds of Sensations' Fix and "Cold Nose" are digital rips of my vinyl albums.

    Here's an interview with Falsini from 2012:

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    Sheriff did nothing for me when I first heard it, many years ago.

    Mega-recommendations though, for Franco Falsini's "Cold Nose".

    "Portable Madness" is probably Sensations' Fix best album, but the remasters on these "Progressive Italia Gli Anni" boxes are atrocious. Prefer to download a vinyl rip...
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    Fragments of Light is my favourite studio album from them but I also really like the compilation album Flying Tapes. The latest compilation double cd Music Is Painting In The Air sounds fantastic.
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    Finest Finger is the one I remember liking a lot. Particularly, I really remember a track called Strange About Your Hands. Flying Tapes I remember being a good collection, but those were really the only two I had on vinyl. For a long time, wasn't Fragments Of Light the only one out on CD? I gather that's changed in recent years, but FOL is the only one I have on CD as a result of that situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellotron storm View Post
    The latest compilation double cd Music Is Painting In The Air sounds fantastic.
    That's the one to get!
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