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Thread: review cd??

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    Quote Originally Posted by spacefreak View Post
    I tend to agree with Yves' opinion, unless we are speaking of real obscurities or ultra-limited new releases. Count me among those that go to YouTube, Soundcloud or Bandcamp for the first listen (in order for my ears to decide unbiased). But, at a second phase, I always seek (love) to read others opinions after my purchases. So it still makes me a review freak in the end.
    Yessssss... as said gbefore, I do sometimes read reviews, but after I bought (and reviewed) an album

    And to be honest, I don't review nearly asc much as before, for the reasons that ves states... I used to think a review was more important than just a rating, but indeedif a detailed review is written, I find it lmore useful afterwards, as opposed to a simple "scrtching the surface" (bit not too lightly) review wioll be more helpfum before acquisition (if I choose to read one)

    As for books, comics, single malts and movies (etc..), I read/watch reviews if (and only if)the object reviewed is of likely interest... In other words, the latest Pixar, Tom Cruise or Tom Clancy novel are reviewed, I won't even read them
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    If I read a review of a movie based on a book and it looks interesting, I'm going to try to find the book in the library.

    When I saw a Annie Haslam live-CD I didn't buy it, but I found a review, which made me interested, so I bougt it. The same with Annie Haslam's Renaissance.

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    yodelgoat has said an amazing comment and I totally support him
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