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Thread: Ilvcia - In The Nature Of Reason (CD) - 2013

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    Ilvcia - In The Nature Of Reason (CD) - 2013


    We are ILVCIA, a Progressive Rock band from Barcelona. We just released our first album “In The Nature Of Reason”, which you can listen, download and buy in our bandcamp.

    1. The Safe 12:07
    2. Universe Of Fields 06:46
    3. Baghdad I: The Gates 04:52
    4. Baghdad II: The Market 06:17
    5. Baghdad III: The Suburbs 04:02
    6. Sir T. Weaver 05:44


    Hope you like it!

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    Ouch! I hope if I ever release something and go out to all the music sites I can google to tell people to check out my bands CD, that I'll get tons of buzz from it. Its the most original form of promotion I've ever encountered.

    - well, in fairness, it works about as well as anything else.
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    While it does seem like he joined up here with the chief aim of promoting his band, I personally don't find anything terribly wrong with that. It's largely S.O.P. these days. They're offering a free download of the entire album, too. Thing is, if MY prog band (not that I have one) were to ever make an album, I'd certainly want to let people here know about it though I'd probably first make myself known around these parts by participating a little in some of the ongoing discussions...

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    I just picked this disc up from Greg Walker, and it's brilliant. One of the very best albums I've heard lately.

    I may start a thread on the main page, where it belongs. Sadly, that album came out in 2013. They don't appear to have released anything since then.
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