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Thread: LCD Soundsystem

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    LCD Soundsystem

    Any fans here?

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    I only liked their "Losing My Edge" track back at the time. Not my cup of tea I'm afraid...
    Macht das ohr auf!


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    I've liked 'em since the beginning; to me they are the epitome of "good artists borrow, great artists steal". I was actually fairly surprised that Sound of Silver became a huge hit; watching Murphy try to recapture the magic with This is Happening (which he actually kinda did) and realize he had nothing left to say hit a weird note with me, it's so rare to see a guy just straight up say "I'm not going to compromise anything, and this band has run its course" after reaching that level of fame. Its actually a little bizarre how popular LCD is compared to James Murphy himself, the man who IS LCD Soundsystem. But yeah - great band.

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    Count me a fan. Loved it when, I think it was 2-3 years ago, when Porcupine Tree played some European festival on the same bill as LCD, that Steven Wilson said he found a favorite new modern band.

    I tend to go for the material more like this than say Drunk Girls and Dance Yrself Clean

    Talking Heads would be proud! And might be!

    I need to check out the new LCD documentary DVD! "It comes as a three-disc package, including the documentary and footage of the final concert in its entirety."
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