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Thread: Progressive Bloggers and Progressive Radio?

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    Progressive Bloggers and Progressive Radio?

    I am looking for Progressive Bloggers and Progressive Radio contacts. My name is Dean Madonia. I am a writer/producer/performer living in Nashville, TN. I have just completed a new prog-influenced, 29 track CD based on Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," called: "Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein"

    Here are a couple of links to youtube lyric videos:

    Running From The Moon

    When He Plays His Guitar

    There are a lot of different types of music on the CD, mostly paying homage to bands like ELP, Genesis, Kansas, UK, Yes, King Crimson, Kevin Gilbert....

    The story is told by the monster, 200 years later, as he warns a genetic researcher about the possible consequences of making the first human clone of herself.
    * * *This Double CD represents 4 years of hard work, I think it's my best and I would like to send you a copy for review or mention on your site.*

    Thank you,

    Dean Madonia
    Soft Monkey Music

    Artistean Madonia
    Album:*"Shadow To Shadow, Dean Madonia's Frankenstein"
    Release Date: 2014
    Genre(s): Rock/ Prog-rock
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Members: Dean Madonia, Val Lupescu, Travis Vance, Michael Walter
    Label: Soft Monkey Music
    Website Link:
    Facebook Link:*
    Soundcloud Track: //
    Twitter Link:*
    Myspace Link:*
    Bandcamp Link:*
    Reverbnation Link:*
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