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Thread: My RIO Review

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    Poil played the 2 opening tracks of "Dins Uo Cuol " , then 2 unreleased pieces from their upcoming next album (to be recorded) , and the encore was an other track from Dins

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    Fast review of RIO :

    L'Enfance Rouge were really great , loud and powerfull , but in my opinion they should have played on the little stage
    Aranis , one of the highlights , fantastic show , tunes from "Made In Belgium " sounded better than in the album , what a band ( and they play this fantastic music without scores )
    We Insist ! , not really RIO , but a great indie rock , good compositions and an amazing singer-drummer
    Faust , I did'nt understand , really

    Cheer Accident and MiRthkon were great , but I had the chance to see them before playing on little places without seats , and it fits better to their music , imo

    Univers Zero is no more the band I enjoyed listening , new musicians , new sound , I hope it will help the band to find more gigs and record other albums but this version is not my cup of tea even if seeing Daniel Denis on drums is enough for my pleasure

    Too many shows in a few hour , too many people to talk with , I missed Soft machine

    Korekyojinn was one of the highlights even if the bass was too loud for me , but their compos are realy great and they play so well . This show was so better than the Ruins Alone 2 years ago

    I know Poil since a long time , and they did one of the best shows I saw from them , the audience really enjoyed , even Tatsuya Yoshida who saw the 2 first tracks , I really hope this show will help this underated band to find more gigs and to release their upcoming album easily .

    I had the honour to replace Calyx for Poil's interview, if anyone here recorded it , please send me !

    Guapo's show was terrific , but the sound was really to loud for me . When the PA shutted down , their sound engineer told them to stop but they finished the tune only by amps , that is rock and roll attitude , I loved that ( and their sound only by amp was closer to their album's sound )

    It took me some times to come in Nullstellensatz music , but after the 2 opening tracks , I really enjoyed their universe

    I missed Senogul , was'nt really convinced by Ulan Bator , but the ending show , Present was , imo , the highlight of this fest , same sound and energy than before , great new compositions ( I particulary enjoyed Reginald's one , and the last who ended by a demolition of Promenade

    Present 's not dead , that's the great new for me , they still can surprise us and I really look forward a new album ( Keith Macksoud is god playing bass ! ! )

    12 of these shows were recorded by our radio team , a special week end broadcasting to come in a few monthes

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    Hi Manu, thanks for the review and info on poil,
    Keep us updated regarding the radio broadcast! How can one listen to it?

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    Hope you will make the broadcast available as a podcast. Look forward to hear some of the great music I experienced this wonderful weekend


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