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Thread: Kopecky Family

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    Kopecky Family

    A few weeks ago on Jay Leno the musical guest was a group called the Kopecky Family Band. I missed the opening moments but after a few seconds found myself thinking "Sounds like prog to me." Surprising. (Last prog-related act on Leno I saw was probably Bela Fleck, a decade or so ago.)

    The name reminded me of reading in old Progression issues about a mid-Western group called Kopecky. (Never got round to checking them out.) Any connection?

    - As for late night talk shows in general... Jimmy Fallon has some interesting groups, and Letterman, moreso in the last year or two... those on Jimmy Kimmel rarely interest me at all, (as if the choice is made by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones guy).

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    It's not the prog dudes from the band Kopecky.


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