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Thread: Donations To Progressive Ears Now Open

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    Donations To Progressive Ears Now Open

    We have created a donations system for PEv3.

    Donate by doing the following:

    Click "Donate" in the menu toward the top-left-hand corner of your screen


    Click on "Settings", near the top-right-hand corner of the screen

    Scroll down to "Paid Subscription", on the left

    Either of those will take you to a payments page.

    Some Notes:
    • Sorry - but we're still only able to use Paypal. We hope to make other payment options available in a few months.
    • Donors will have a star appear on their profiles, and above their avatars.
    • Stars will be assigned automatically: As soon as Paypal clears the transaction (usually less than 2 days, sometimes in just minutes) - your star should appear.
    • We're not doing the green / silver / gold start thing any more. A donation is a donation, and a star is a star.
    • Donating via the Paypal system above makes it very easy to either donate $25, or to set up a recurring-annual $25 payment.
    • Many of you had stars in PEv2. Your PEv2 Stars will be honored in PEv2. I will have to assign those stars manually though, so give me a few days to get them in.

    We recognize that this new donation system is not perfect, but it was quick to set up, and to integrate with the system. We're still working on a quicker but automated way to refine the donations system.

    Feel free to PM us with any problems.
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