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Thread: OptiquesJeff..the announcement I did not want to make

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    Thanks everyone! THe jeweller knew Jeff from his astro club, and took special care with it.

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    That's so beautiful Cyndee...on many levels. I hope that it brings you many loving and lovely memories of Jeff.

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    Thats a beautiful pc Cyndee, I hope it brings you some comfort

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    Thank you, Cyndee, for giving me a wonderful idea.

    I hope you are getting stronger every day.
    I've got a bike you can ride it if you like

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    Thank you everyone... Yes, I feel I am getting stronger, though, not all the way back to normal, of course.. Things are surreal, and feel like they were so long ago..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViolinCyndee View Post
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    Here's the ring I got made from our wedding rings. I had his ring sized down to fit me, then added the amethyst I had for years, and got some diamonds added, too.. It sparkles much more in real life than this pic shows..
    it's very beautiful!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rune Blackwings View Post
    it's very beautiful!
    Thanks Jen...

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