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Thread: The end of Ava Inferi...

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    The end of Ava Inferi...

    After releasing four albums, Portuguese / Norwegian act AVA INFERI have called it quits. Rune Eriksen has issued the following statement on behalf of the band:

    "As of today (23rd of May), we’d like to inform our fans and followers that Ava Inferi is officially over. The decision was made by myself and Carmen (Susana Simões - Vocals) some time ago now and as one can imagine, it has been a multitude of mixed feelings and emotions involved, but then again, what must be done...

    To some it may seem a tad ironic giving up when things start to happen for real (record sales, show offers, general interest has steadily increased) but as of now there is simply no will and interest in pursuing this path any further. It is important to follow one’s intuition, hence our joint and final decision on this matter.

    To put it short: the spiritual heaviness and the (occasional) negativity involved, the bad luck and obstacles that seemed to follow every step we took, the corner we closed ourselves in musically and conceptually etc. belongs to a different era for us. We simply need to break out and get the joy and inspiration back into our music.

    I still have the song skeletons for the 5th (double?) album in my hard drive though (about 30+, some done, some half-done songs) and maybe, just maybe in the future we will make these available (stranger things have happened). However we do not encourage anyone to hold their breath. The decision is as close to final as one can get.

    We want to thank our past and present band members, session members, Season Of Mist, Twilight13 Media, NM Design and everyone we’ve worked with and/or connected with over the years. Much appreciated! And to our followers: You all helped making these 8 years a "different" pleasure. Thank you so much!

    We have 1 song left in our sleeve though: a Fado-inspired song sung in Portuguese entitled 'Ao Teu Lado', which you will get to hear some time in the near future. Watch out for that one!

    On a side note I can reveal that Carmen and myself will appear in a new project in due time, and be sure things are being prepared for it. However, this statement belongs to AI and AI only so more on the new path through a different channel at a more appropriate time.

    Thanks and see you all around."
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    Sorry to hear that, Jen. I know it sucks to have a beloved band break up. I still haven't heard them - I guess I should.

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    It was more surprising than sad, though. At least Rune and Carmen ended it on a high note, with Onyx being a success for them as a last album and not jumping a shark anywhere. I think Rune has also evolved as a guitarist from being a death and black metal musician to being very capable of doing anything he wants, whether it is a slow, delicate song or a brutal, heavy one. Ava Inferi had started changing direction, with the beginning being focused on Carmen's voice to where Rune was getting more involved as a singer and with them becoming more theatrical. So, while Ava Inferi is my favorite band and I am sad it is no more, I think it's end is more reflective of Rune and Carmen's changing visions than it is about the usual "artistic differences" or the troubles that plague most bands with a husband and wife relationship or some legal thing.
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    Thanks, jkl! I forgot to say that.
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