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Thread: ECHOLYN - huge memorabilia sale - T-shirts, rare CDs, lots of other stuff

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    ECHOLYN - huge memorabilia sale - T-shirts, rare CDs, lots of other stuff

    Hi everyone,
    I am in one of my all-too-frequent financial crises so it is time to let go of my huge collection of echolyn stuff. It is mostly from the 1990s. Other than Paul Ramsey l think l have the largest collection of stuff from back then.
    If you are interested and would like to see a list please email me at and l will send it over. Please put 'echolyn' in the subject line.

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    Updated list. Some stuff is gone.


    Suffocating The Bloom – XL - never worn

    And Every Blossom - XL - never worn

    As The World Design #1 – XL – single apple head in green, red or yellow on black (one of each) never worn

    As The World Design #2 – L – rare Design, only 50 made, 5 appleheads in multicolor on green - never worn


    First S/T Sealed. Rare to find sealed

    Suffocating The Bloom 1st press Sealed

    Suffocating The Bloom – this is a ‘black label’ pirate CD released by the band before they got their masters back from Sony. Includes black disc in black envelope, original booklet and traycard, and copy of The Gardener’s Guide (see below) in plastic bag. Extremely rare.

    …And Every Blossom EP Sealed. All different versions of songs on A Little Nonsense compilation, unavailable elsewhere

    As The World Import Sealed on 99th Floor/SPV, with Cyclops catalog #CYCL025

    When The Sweet Turns Sour Syn-Phonic mint

    When The Sweet Turns Sour Import Sealed on Cyclops, #CYCL036

    Still - Always Almost Sealed

    Always Almost - God Pounds His Nails Sealed (only two left)

    Cowboy Poems Free 1st Press Sealed

    I Heard You Listening – autographed by band


    First S/T Sealed, stupidly rare

    As The World official Sony promo, ditto


    Stars And Gardens Sealed


    VHS – Homebrew Bootleg Stew 1994-1995 - concert footage compiled by band, official release

    The Gardener’s Guide to Suffocating The Bloom – color cover booklet with lyrics and anecdotes from band about songs

    The Global Guide to As The World – neat booklet with color front and back with lyrics (not on CD) and anecdotes from the band about songs

    Mini poster set – Official Sony ATW color promo mini poster, mini promo poster for Cowboy Poems Free signed by Brett, Chris, Paul, and Ray, and a mini flyer for Progday '95

    Floppy disc – Interactive Media Kit made by Sony to promote ATW -Super rare

    Progday 95 program – mint condition

    Ticket – Ticket #76 for Progscape '94 in nice keepsake folder with logo and Of Sound Mind business card

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    Almost all of this stuff is up on ebay now if anyone is interested. If so l will let stuff go cheaper than ebay prices if you let me know, unfortunately l mark things up a bit because of their ridiculous listing fees.
    Please PM or email
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    I have a bunch of the "Homebrew Bootleg Stew" VHS tapes, if anyone is interested, not on ebay right now. Lots of great footage. $10 + $4 for shipping. Thanks! PM me or email .

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    Did you get the PMs I sent a while ago?

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    Hi I sent you an email a few weeks back and never got a reply.

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    Hi, gosh, no, l didn't see an email (checked spam also) and l don't have any PMs showing either! What is up with that? I will try PMing you both to see if we can connect. Thank you!


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