Hmm…my frau and I had second row tix to see Steve Hackett in Tucson Friday night; the show was smashing, as usual. Just superb. But Steve is always a paragon of professionalism. We did hear a fan talking about Steve not feeling well…he was using throat lozenges and wasn’t quite as animated as usual. But again, it was a fantastic night and his full show.

(The bass pedal goodness was huge! At least two and possibly three of the guys triggered them throughout the night. And my goodness, does he stretch out the end of Supper’s Ready! He has done it that way for years and I always am so pleased because the original recording fades out far too soon—because record vinyl.)

Anyway, our local pal decided in advance to go to the Phoenix show the next night (Saturday) instead (at the Celebrity theater). To our dismay, he texted around 8:30 pm to say that the show was cancelled before he took the stage. “He wasn’t feeling well and was going to the hospital to get checked out.”

Anyone know anything more? I sure hope the lad is OK. He always looks so healthy so I am hoping that general fitness wins out.