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Thread: New Steve Vai Interview- Frank Z, The Hydra, DLR and more!

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    New Steve Vai Interview- Frank Z, The Hydra, DLR and more!

    Can you believe Steve Vai 'dropped by' the show this month!? I'm honored... Hope you enjoy this one.

    For Episode #120 we caught up with the legendary guitarist, Steve Vai. It's a wide ranging chat (indexing coming soon) that covers subjects like- The current G3 tour, possible band projects for 2024, his work on Zappa's "Jazz Discharge Party Hats" and other Man From Utopia tracks, the story behind the Zappa band playing The Allman Brothers tune Whipping Post. Also, Steve goes into detail about his most recent album, Inviolate. Including the genesis of his new triple neck axe, The Hydra and the song that was inspired by it, The Teeth of The Hydra. Another recent release, the Vai/Gash album is discussed as well and the brilliant friend of Steve's that inspired it. We also touch upon Steve's days with David Lee Roth. Memories of the Skyscraper album and an honest assessment of Dave's vocal abilities at the time. We finish things with a chat about Steve's use and love of the electric sitar. Big thanks to our co-host, Vaylor Trucks for bringing some inspired questions to the proceedings!
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