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Thread: RIP Tom Verlaine

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    Dreamtime is as good as Marquee Moon. Amazing record. And with one of the best productions I ever heard on a new wave album.
    You are right, it's fantastic although I wouldn't put it on the Marquee Moon pedestal.

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    This one hurts as much as losing Jeff Beck. I've been a fan since a friend played the first two Television albums and Verlaine's first solo album for me around 1980. It was love at first listen. I never lost contact with his career and bought each album as it came out. I was fortunate to have seen two Television reunion shows as well as Tom Verlaine & Jimmy Rip performing a live and improvised soundtrack to silent films. He was truly special, unique and "one of my main guys".

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    Such a giant loss. Clay Pigeon has been featuring Tom this week on WFMU. Enjoyed some of the stuff outside of Marquee Moon. The Patti Smith obit is a must read.
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