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Thread: New Credence Clearwater Revival Film

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    Yeah, they did have a shit-hot drummer and a rhythm guitarist who USED to be the frontman before his little brother took over. It's only natural that there was some resentment over John being the whole enchilada. Which is how we ended up getting Mardi Gras, or as Jon Landau called it, Fogerty's Revenge. Give 'em enough rope...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    Yep, but I'm pretty sure they would have remained a garage band if it wasn't for John's songwriting.
    For sure, and the dead nuts on appropriate guitar work with vocals.
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    That was my first rock concert May 1970 at MSG, with Wilbert Harrison and Booker T and the MG s. I was 15 and CCR was our fav band at the time. Vivid memories, the aroma was over whelming. What a way to start my 50 year concert journey. That Royal Albert hall video has been around since the late 80's, it looks great all cleaned up, my copy was 3rd gen. How do you top that, well we went to Jethro Tull at the Schaefer Music Fest in the summer and Led Zep at MSG in September!!! But CCR, what a band, I like how all 4 members are all huddled together AS a band. Great times...
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