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Thread: Rest In Peace, Anton Fier

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    Rest In Peace, Anton Fier

    Damn. Pretty young.

    I saw the Golden Palominos with Peter Blegvad AND Jack Bruce! Double damn.
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    Yeah, I saw that...very sad.
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    Rest in peace.
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    Damn. Zorn's Locus Solas album is one of my favorites of his and the Longue Lizards' debut is all sorts of excellent.

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    Gone at 66.

    Although seminal to most things about The Golden Palominos (along with Material THE definitive NYDowntown supergroup), I'll personally always recall his drumming on that debut Lounge Lizards. Avant-jazz/rock (essentially featuring musicians seasoned in both) was still not an acknowledged idiom, and that record truly paved a way although many folks obviously didn't realize it until later on. I can think of very few other releases that I heard as often mentioned to have influenced younger artists in the 90s-20s Norwegian creative boom, for instance. If all of them didn't exactly love it, at least they appeared to have heard it or about it - along with The Big Gundown (Zorn) and Memory Serves (Material) it became the one titledrop from the 80s.
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    Shame that’s pretty young from my perspective. I’m only really familiar with his Golden Palaminos work, which I first got into via the Michael Stipe sang songs on Visions of Excess and I only have a few albums at that, but I still enjoy them to this day. RIP.

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    Sad. A great drummer!
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    I had totally forgotten about The Golden Palominos. I think I knew him most from Laurie Anderson's "Mister Heartbreak," but I'm sure I'd seen his name on other things I used to have on vinyl. RIP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKL2000 View Post
    I think I knew him most from Laurie Anderson's "Mister Heartbreak," (...). RIP.
    Me too. Other bands/artists in my collection he worked with were Jack Bruce, The Feelies, The Lodge and Longhouse.

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    So sad, he was young.

    I love the Golden Palominos; last seeing them in Detroit in December of 2012. Anton was another one of those NYC guys like Laswell, Zorn, Elliott Sharp and Arto Lindsay that we worshipped from afar.

    May Anton be at peace.


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