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Thread: Orion Studios LiveMusic Showcase series returns!

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    Orion Studios LiveMusic Showcase series returns!

    I must say that it is incredibly wonderful to see this important resource and series return!
    For those of you not on FaceBook:



    Here is the news we all have been waiting for!!

    Showcase lineup for fall 2022 @ Orion Studios, Balimore, MD

    9/9 Bruteus & Teshaleh

    10/1 Android Trio

    10/7 District 97

    10/8 Ovrfwrd

    11/5 Stratospheerius & Kinetic Element

    11/26 Nektar (2 shows 4pm & 8pm)

    Please come out and support these incredible bands and join us for some great fun.
    Steve F.

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    I'd love to make the trip for Android Trio, but if I go to Progday, I doubt I'll be up for another long haul so soon. (Although NE Beer Pilgrimage is likely to happen around then, so...)

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    Looks promising, it's been a while.
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    Great news! Although I've never been to Orion. But very happy it's up and running these shows again!
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