Acclaimed filmmaker @gary_hustwit has announced the production of his forthcoming film, ENO, the definitive career-spanning documentary about visionary musician, artist and thinker Brian Eno. Rich with access to hundreds of hours of never-before-seen footage, unreleased music from Eno's archive, and visual art, ENO will be released in multiple versions and will employ groundbreaking generative technology in its creation and exhibition.

Hustwit aims to offer a deep dive into subjects that Brian has been notably passionate about, such as sustainability, social equity, and the future of civilization, while centering above all on the nature of creativity. Says Hustwit, “Much of Brian’s career has been about enabling creativity in himself and others, through his role as a producer but also through his collaborations on projects like the Oblique Strategies cards or the music app Bloom. I think of ENO as an art film about creativity, with the output of Brian’s 50-year career as its raw material.”

The film will be released in 2023, more information to come.