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Thread: The Security Project “Expect The Unexpected” Tour 2022

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    The Security Project “Expect The Unexpected” Tour 2022

    The Security Project Plays The Timeless Music of Peter Gabriel Re-Envisioned On “Expect The Unexpected” Tour 2022

    Featuring members of Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Shriekback!

    Security Project featuring Jerry Marotta, the drummer from Gabriel’s classic line-up (1977-1986), plus Trey Gunn from King Crimson, on touch guitar. Rounding out the band from Shriekback and Sky Cries Mary is Michael Cozzi on guitar and co-founder of Gig Performer David Jameson on keyboards and Eigenharp. The addition of Happy Rhodes, with her 4-octave vocal range, fulfills the band’s promise of re-envisioning the music of Peter Gabriel.

    Leave your expectations at the door and be prepared to hear Peter Gabriel’s genre-less music like you’ve never heard it performed live before.

    Expect the Unexpected Tour 2022

    5/5 - Daryl’s House Club - Pawling, NY
    5/6 - Sellersville Theater - Sellersville, PA
    5/7 - Park City Music Hall - Bridgeport, CT
    5/9 - Higher Ground - S. Burlington, VT
    5/10 - Nova Arts - Keene, NH
    5/12 - Putnam Place - Saratoga Springs, NY
    5/13 - Colonial Theatre - Pittsfield, MA
    5/14 - Rochester Opera House - Rochester, NH
    5/15 - Bayside Bowl - Portland, ME
    5/18 - The Iridium - New York, NY
    5/19 - Mauch Chunk Opera House - Jim Thorpe, PA
    5/20 - Ram’s Head on Stage - Annapolis, MD

    Tickets available at:

    The Security Project:
    Jerry Marotta – Drums, Vocals
    Trey Gunn – Touch Guitar, Vocals
    David Jameson – Keyboards, Eigenharp
    Michael Cozzi – Guitar, Vocals
    Happy Rhodes – Vocals

    Watch the new video for “Slowburn”:

    “I was instantly brought back to the feel & the groove of those wonderful pre “So” tours. The man himself could not do better!” - Tom Lord-Alge, Grammy Award Winning Engineer & Mixer

    “The Security Project live is a beautifully reverential and creative reinterpretation of these Peter Gabriel classics!” - Kevin Killen, engineer of Gabriel’s “So” record

    Jerry Marotta: Drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jerry Marotta has recorded and toured with Peter Gabriel, The Indigo Girls, Hall & Oates, Tears For Fears, Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, Robert Fripp, Robbie Robertson, Sarah McLachlan, Todd Rundgren, and that just scratches the surface. Jerry is also a managing partner at the famed Dreamland Recording Studios.

    Trey Gunn: A native Texan, Trey Gunn is known for playing the unusual Warr 10-string touch guitar. Gunn is associated with a constant stream of cutting edge, experimental projects including King Crimson, Vernon Reid, Maynard J. Keenan's Puscifer, and Steven Wilson. He currently runs his own record label (7d Media) as well as coaching musicians.

    Happy Rhodes: Happy Rhodes is an American singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and electronic musician with a four-octave vocal range. Rhodes cites Wendy Carlos, Kate Bush, Queen, Yes, David Bowie, Bach and Peter Gabriel as primary influences. Happy began her recording career in 1986 producing 11 albums of electric and highly original material.

    Michael Cozzi: Originally from Wales, Michael Cozzi got his start in the mid 80's as the guitarist for the group Shriekback. In the early 90's, Cozzi joined Sky Cries Mary with whom he co-wrote 5 albums and toured extensively. During this time Cozzi opened up his recording studio Moscozzi Studio in Seattle. He has written and produced music for films, commercials, and video games.

    David Jameson: When Dr. David Jameson is not playing with Security Project you can find him Reelin’ in the Years with Jerry, Joey Eppard and Jesse Gress or feeling pink with Beyond the Wall. Dr. Jameson is also the co-founder of Gig Performer, the acclaimed plugin host for live performing musicians.

    For more information:

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158 (US),

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    5/20 in Annapolis
    Haven't seen the Project in many years, before Happy Rhodes.
    Gonna be a treat!


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    I think Michael Cozzi is the guy who played guitar on Shriekback’s Oil and Gold!
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    Do they ever leave the Northeast? (Okay, Maryland, but that's practically the Northeast.)
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    I was gonna say, if they ever make it as far as the Mississippi, I'll make an effort to attend. Looks awesome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturgeon's Lawyer View Post
    Do they ever leave the Northeast? (Okay, Maryland, but that's practically the Northeast.)
    Agreed. No west coast? I'd drive to Portland or BC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturgeon's Lawyer View Post
    Do they ever leave the Northeast? (Okay, Maryland, but that's practically the Northeast.)
    They played a few dates in the PNW in 2019, and I believe hit a couple of venues in the Midwest on the way. I don't know how successful that was, or why they did it. They've also played in Japan and Canada in the past. But I do believe they, or most of them, live in the Mid-atlantic region, and that Sellersville is sort of a local club for them.
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    To the best of my knowledge, Happy Rhodes is currently based out of mid-west NY (Binghampton-ish?), tho originally from Albany (where I've had the pleasure of seeing her perform 3 or 4 times, 20+ years ago). Marotta has been in Woodstock for a while. But I think that Gunn is west coast - Seattle, perhaps. Which could explain the occasional west coast gigs.
    And I have no idea about the others.

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    Looks like ANOTHER show at the Iridium I should drag myself to. Meanwhile I haven't decided if I'm going to go there for Stick Men or not. From NO live shows to too many! But I've never seen Security Project and have wanted to for a long time.
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