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Thread: "Imperiously Arbitrary" by Melancholic Prosperity

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    "Imperiously Arbitrary" by Melancholic Prosperity

    "Imperiously Arbitrary" full length album by Melancholic Prosperity

    Release date: May 1, 2022
    Artist name: Melancholic Prosperity
    Album name: Imperiously Arbitrary
    Label: None, self-released
    Produced by: Ryan Hankins
    Mixed by: Christian Heilman (
    Availability: Physical CD and high res digital files at Bandcamp & most download and streaming platforms (except YouTube)

    The track "Smote" is available to demo right now at the Bandcamp page and the remainder of the album can be preordered there for the official release on May 1st. - https://melancholicprosperity.bandca...usly-arbitrary

    Album info:
    Recovering from the debut album release last year, Melancholic Prosperity's album "Imperiously Arbitrary" is composed of seven fully instrumental songs with 40 minutes of material featuring trumpets, mellophones, Rickenbacker bass guitar tone and solos, and a dabble of avant-garde ambientness, plus a solo piano track! The album itself opens with a 9-minute part 1 of the title track, followed by a few proggy shorter tunes leading into the 10-minute part 2 of the title track and then a post script short tune "Coda." All instruments played by Ryan Hankins except guitar, which features Landon Hankins on the song "Mellophonics." The overall sound of the album is an accumulation of influences which I think you all may appreciate--especially the fact that the overall sound is still unique.

    Major influences for this album:
    Chicago, Yes, Maynard Ferguson, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, The Beatles

    Band bio:
    Melancholic Prosperity is a progressive rock band formed by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Ryan Hankins. It can be described as symphonic prog with roots going back to the 60's and 70's, with appreciation and influence associated with Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and many other prog bands. Ryan previously was bassist for: prog rock band Dissonati, prog metal band Fistful of Britney, psychedelic rock band Sons of Neptune, and alt rock band Zariah.

    Official websites:

    Popular streaming platforms:
    Apple Music:
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