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Thread: PROG-ROCK Diner for 04/10/2022: 10pm-12am EST Info

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    PROG-ROCK Diner for 04/10/2022: 10pm-12am EST Info

    Hello, this Sunday 4/10/2022 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon & Comcast in Reston)The Prog-Rock Diner will be serving a variety of dishes including Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham, Rattlemouth, Advent, Alphataurus, Garagemen (Hawk,Manring,Sindelman,Sears) and Vandertop. Some large portions on this menu! I hope you will join me for the 1st hour and an archival show for the 2nd hour with my co-host Paul Sears. I'll post the full playlist close to the start of the show (this is station regulation now so please be patient!). Thanks for listening and I hope the week ahead holds good things for you.
    Deb S.
    The Prog-Rock Diner
    SUNDAYS 10pm-12am EST

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    Listen to us on TuneIn Radio on the web or with your smartphone!

    And it works on Tunein, on my iPhone and in the car on CarPlay.
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