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Thread: Correcting song length in ripped flac files

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    Correcting song length in ripped flac files

    Years ago I ripped most of my collection into flacs. Around a thousand cd's
    I used cdex from several computers to my NAS.
    It turned out that the song lengths for a bunch of albums is 3:22:00 ( 3 hours 22 min )
    The other tags are correct but something about my wifi connection from one of the computers caused this to happen.
    Later I replaced the wifi and the songs ripped to the correct time length. And cd ripped from a desktop with wired ethernet were fine.
    I thought that I could fix it with Musicbrainz Picard by looking up the album and replacing the tags.
    A week or so ago I started trying to fix up tags showing errors in Bliss.
    Re - ripped some albums with dbPoweramp, that fixed it, but very time consuming. And also a great way to find cd's with unrecoverable errors ( surprise! )
    Tried MP3tag and MusicBrainz Picard to replace the tags, but Picard does not replace the song length like I thought it had in the past.
    Any suggestions on repairing the song length with a program?
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