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Thread: grobschnitt live in hagen with orchestra 2012

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    grobschnitt live in hagen with orchestra 2012


    I'm looking to replace my Grobschnitt Live in Hagen 2012 w. orchestra cdr/tape which was lost when my back up Hard Drive failed.
    I did find one place on the net to purchase the digital copy but they only deal in cash, so I'm looking for a copy
    through a trader.
    Dimeadozen used to list many Grobschnitt boots but they've all disappeared and don't seem to exist anymore?

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    I don't have any Grobschnitt boots, but do you have that official live CD from I think 2012? It's good. I happen to be listening to Grobschnitt right now! (Grobschnitt Story 6)


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