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Thread: The Canvas Prog Hour # 638 Captain Beyond-1972

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    The Canvas Prog Hour # 638 Captain Beyond-1972

    A new show is up and running for the next two weeks at ---------------------------->

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    The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 638
    In Focus-Captain Beyond-1972

    Genesis-Dance On A Volcano-A Trick Of The Tail-1976
    Jeff Beck-Freeway Jam-Blow By Blow-1975 (Max Middleton)
    Tony Patterson/Doug Melbourne-Man On TV-The Divide-2019
    Planet P Project-Static-Planet P Project-1983 (Tony Carey)
    Rush-The Enemy Within-Grace Under Pressure-1984
    Spymob-2040-Sitting Around Keeping Score-2004
    Fernando Perdomo-The Great Known-Out To Sea 3 The Storm-2020
    Jim Weider-The Maze-Percolator-2005
    Saga-The Sound Of Strangers-Heads Or Tales-1983
    Captain Beyond-Dancing Madly Backwards(On A Sea Of Air)-Captain Beyond-1972 (Rod Evans)

    Tim Morse-Wake Up-III-2018
    D'Virgilio, Morse & Jennings-Julia-Troika-2022
    Allan Holdsworth-Devil Take The Hindmost-Metal Fatigue-1985 (Chad Wackerman & Jimmy Johnson)
    James Gang-Take A Look Around/Tend My Garden-Live In Concert-1971 (Joe Walsh & Jim Fox)
    James Gang-The Bomber (Full Version)-Rides Again-1970 (Dale Peters)
    Spock's Beard-Submerged-Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep-2013 (Ted Leonard)
    Spock's Beard-Bennett Built A Time Machine-The Oblivion Particle-2015 (Jimmy Keegan)
    May Inoue-Comet 84-Stereo Champ-2017
    Chroma Key-Graveyard Mountain Home-Graveyard Mountain Home-2004 (Kevin Moore)
    Captain Beyond-Myopic Void-Captain Beyond-1972 (Bobby Caldwell)

    Blue Oyster Cult-Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll-Blue Oyster Cult-1972
    Blue Oyster Cult-Astronomy-Secret Treaties-1974
    Blue Oyster Cult-E.T.I.(Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)-Agents Of Fortune-1976
    Kevin Gilbert-The Ballad Of Jenny Ledge(1991)-Toy Matinee Live At The Roxy-2009 (Tim Pierce)
    French TV-Noble Obelisk- Operation:Mockingbird-2017
    Robbie Steinhardt-Tempest/Truth To Power-We're Not In Kansas Anymore A Prog Opera-2021
    Octarine Sky-Night Sky/Into The Dream-Close To Nearby-2021 (Simon Phillips & Guthrie Govan)
    Refugee-Papillion-Refugee-1974 (Patrick Moraz)
    Ultravox-Rage In Eden-Rage In Eden-1981
    CAB 4-Hold On-CAB 4-2003 (Auger, Brunel, Chambers & MacAlpine)
    Jethro Tull-One Brown Mouse-Heavy Horses-1978 (Barriemore Barlow)
    Captain Beyond-Raging River Of Fear-Captain Beyond-1972 (Larry Rhino Reinhardt)

    Canvas-Scheherazade-Long Way To Mars-2013 (Tammy Lounsberry)
    Nektar-Devil's Door-The Other Side-2020 (Derek Mo Moore & Ryche Chlanda)
    Steven Wilson-Man Of The People-The Future Bites-2021
    Riverside-Guardian Angel-Wasteland-2018
    Steve Lukather-Bluebird-Luke-1997
    Morse Portnoy George-Baker Street-Cov3r To Cov3r-2020
    The Neal Morse Band-Bird On A Wire-Innocence & Danger-2021(Mike Portnoy & Eric Gillette)
    Robin Trower-Daydream-Twice Removed From Yesterday-1973
    Allan's Legacy-Fred-The Nineteen Men Of Tain-2021
    Captain Beyond-Thousand Days Of Yesterdays(Time Since Come And Gone)-Captain Beyond-1972 (Lee Dorman)
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    Another excellent show Matt, and it didn't snow. We were heading out to my grandson's lacrosse game yesterday and it started to hail.

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    Thanks Ed! Funny you mention hail, we've had it like three or four times over the last few days....

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    Great show Matt.
    I didn't know about the Allan's Legacy release, so naturally I checked it out and bought it. Holdsworth's album was The Sixteen Men of Tain. The Legacy release is The Nineteen Men of Tain.
    Fred is also one of my favorite songs ever. There was a band in Syracuse in the last 70's / early 80's called 805 that used to play a killer version of that song.


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    Thanks for listening Jimmy and thanks for the heads up about the title. I was 6 short!


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