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Thread: The Fibonaccis: New (Old) releases on Bandcamp

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    The Fibonaccis: New (Old) releases on Bandcamp

    I'm thrilled that one of my favorite obscure prog bands from the 1980's, The Fibonaccis, have released two new albums of unreleased material on Bandcamp. Here are links to both, and liner notes from each release. Both available tomorrow, April 1st. No foolin'

    Most of these tracks from the first four years of The Fibonaccis have never been released. The early "living room demos,” recorded in 1981, caught the ear of Index Records, and many of the songs eventually graced the first fi-bo-na-chez EP in April of 1982. You are listening to the remaining demo tracks that weren’t re-recorded for the EP. Live club rarities and KPFK Carl Stone Show live radio performances round out the monkey business.

    The second half of The Fibonaccis’ musical offerings. It’s full of "small, relatively unimportant offenses or sins,” and it nibbles around the edges of consciousness as you sleep! Starting with a live radio show hosted by Isabel Holt on KCRW in December of 1987, it continues with miscellaneous unheard, unreleased studio demos and live club rarities, and ends with the song “Expectation Zero,” written expressly for the 1992 CD release party.

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    I discovered the band quite late (probably here ) and bought the CD Repressed - The Best Of The Fibonaccis 1981-1987. It contains 26 songs (from all kind of sources) and has a cover that is the coloured version on the cover the new More Monkey Tricks.
    I love what is on that disk, but I don't think I need more. Thanks anyway.

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    Love the band since I bought "Civilization And Its Discotheques" ages ago so it's great to see undiscovered stuff :-)

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    Love the Fibonaccis. Will look for these releases.

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    I think I saw them open for Il Castello Di Atlante in Milwaukee. If it was them, they were good.


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