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Thread: baja prog live shows available

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    baja prog live shows available

    I have recorded over a hundred shows at baja prog between 2000 - 2014. Some are on Mini Disc, some are on cassette, and some are on CD.
    If there are any shows you're looking for please send me a PM and I'll you know if I have them and in what format.
    Since I'm giving them away and not selling them or making any money I'm not prepared to spend the time and energy to make lists.
    Mailing cost only from Vancouver, BC
    cheers, Cal

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    Very generous of you!
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    I'll take one of each please!
    Seriously, I'll go over the lineups to make a small list and pm it to you to see what you have.

    It is a very generous offer, very kind of you to make it available.


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    I'd be interested in stuff on MiniDisc. WIll check out the list, if I can find it.

    Thank you!


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