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Thread: WILDERUN Epigone

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    WILDERUN Epigone

    New band to me.
    Hard to describe.Much is going on here but perhaps a mix of Opeth,Haken and Cast is rather close.
    A couple of growls here and there but it doesn´t bother me in this case.
    Kept me interested for 70+ min.

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    Great stuff. I've been digging into the first two albums ('Sleep' and 'Veil'), but haven't had a chance to "DDDDDDDDive" into the new on yet. Great writing and impeccable musicianship. Definitely going to turn off some folks here when the growls start unfortunately.
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    I ordered Veil and Epigone yesterday. Veil is a little hard to find at a decent price right now, probably because the new label is going to reissue it. To the OP, when Veil came out (around a year ago?) there was a bit of buzz around here, but with the new release it's amped up more since they signed with a major label (I think, or some subsidiary of a major label).

    I like both albums - no problems with the growls for me! It'll be good to have printed lyrics (I hope!).
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