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Thread: Favorite guitar tab site?

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    Favorite guitar tab site?

    Hey all,

    The title kind of says it. I'm interested in recommendations based upon selection (obviously as a prog rock fan, availability of tabs for the well-known bands in the genre would be great - I also like post rock a lot), accuracy, value, format, other features, whatever makes it a good site for you. I'm getting back into acoustic guitar after not playing much at all for years so I'm considering myself perhaps an intermediate beginner in terms of current skill/technique.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can't say I have a favorite. I just Google, "{song} chords lyrics" and whatever pops up is typically good enough for me. is nice because you can transpose the song and it changes all the chords for you. I get a lot of stuff off that site, but I know I've used others. It sort of depends on the song you're looking for. With Jethro Tull, for example, there are some sties that focus on deeper cuts that the typical tab sites don't have. So, I find it best to look by song and see what's out there. Youtube can also be really helpful.


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    ^^ Or another method, Google {song} followed by "tab." Then from among the results, choose the one you find most suitable. Like Youtube videos, the quality of the tab depends entirely on who specifically created and posted it. Some of those people are frankly are out of their minds.
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