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Thread: Bob's next livestream - Sat. 13 Nov

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    Bob's next livestream - Sat. 13 Nov

    For them who are interested - I'll be doing my next live broadcast on Saturday, 13th November at 7PM CET. I do one or two of these per month, always different, and will keep doing so even when "normal" gigs are feasible again, because it's a whole different kind of fun and adventure, and I love doing it.
    That's on:
    Always enjoy some chat afterwards too!
    And if you wanna get notifications by email for immanent shows, there's a mailing list thing at the top right of my website:

    That's it for now -
    yrs, etc,

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    My internet went down that afternoon and never came back until Sunday morning, so the show is moved to next Saturday the 20th instead. Apologies for those who tuned in to a stream of nothingness!

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    If anyone is interested in what sort of shenanigans happen on my livestreams, there's a playlist of selections here:


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    Thanks Bob!
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...


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