I have a home project which releases music under the name Electric Brain Electric Shadow. It's roughly in the crossover prog realm, not too far from Porcupine Tree the more concise Floyd songs. I have a set of new music I've been working on, and while I've historically done most of the vocals myself (other than a few backing harmonies and a character on a concept piece), there are some songs I've been working on lately that might reach their full potential with someone else singing.

You can click the Soundcloud links below to hear the songs I'm interested in working with other singers on. These are unmixed work-in-progress versions with my own demo vocal:
Here are links to rough mixes with my demo vocal of the three songs I'm most interested in finding another singer for:

I can supply instrumental versions, lyric sheets, piano version of the vocal line, etc. if needed.

If this goes well I'd be open to doing more work together in the future, and to writing more collaboratively.

If you want to hear my finished stuff, there's a link to my Bandcamp in my signature and it's also on Spotify.

If you're interested, or you have ideas on finding someone, feel free to send me a message or reply in the thread. Thanks!