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Thread: Chat w/Kevin Godley- 'Deep Dive' On Recording and Video Production

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    Chat w/Kevin Godley- 'Deep Dive' On Recording and Video Production

    Here's a new chat with Kevin for Episode 106. It was a real pleasure to catch up with him and take a 'deep dive' into his history.

    This chat is in three segments- Early years and recording at Strawberry Sound Studios (which was owned by 10cc), A look at the albums and cover art for each via a slide show with candid comments from Kevin about each. The last portion offers up another slide show looking at a variety of iconic 80s videos he and Lol Creme directed. We discuss the evolution of video making as well.

    I had a chat with him back in March that really sent me down the 10cc/Godley & Creme rabbit hole. It was a great way to spend six months and got a copy of everything. Of course, with that came more questions....

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    How funny, I've been revisiting G&C's discography out of the blue the past few days. Gave L a spin Tuesday night for the first time in ages. 2 of the most influential guys nobody's ever heard of. Look forward to seeing what the big K has to say...

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    What a Coup! Will tune in.
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