Credit for this featured CD : Don Arnold

Based on a CD received from the collection bequeathed to Progressive Ears by the late Chris Buckley (Winkersnuff)

Don Arnold's comments:

First, my thanks to Chris for this gift batch of cds to me and the other PE recipients. A kind and creative gesture. Also, my thanks to Duncan for what has been no doubt hours of labour to prosecute Chris's wishes.

Now to my review, which is actually more a few comments than a review. I'll get a couple of caveats out of the way first. I had never heard of this movie before and doubt I'll ever watch it. That's not to say it isn't a good flick, just that in a universe of so many viewing choices for my limited viewing time, this movie isn't likely to make it into my watch queue.

Also, I generally don't buy or listen to soundtracks. They are written to compliment or be a companion to the movie/play the music was written for, and I watch movies for the visual, not the audio. I'm sure there's some great soundtracks out there, it's just that they generally don't interest me. I'd rather sink my teeth into music that's intended to be listened to and sometimes, for me, to challenge.

Now to the disc at hand. It's all instrumental, with sax, clarinet, viola, violin, flute, bass, drums, piano and....theremin (got your attention there!). Simply put, this isn't something I'm likely to reach for again to pop into my cd player. I would characterize the individual songs as sound bites or moods to go with the visuals. Musically, there's just not that much on offer to prick my ears up to an attentive listen. Some pieces tend to be highly repetitive, without much going on. And it's probably meant to be that way, so as not to pull the viewer's attention from what they're watching. Others are brief soundscapes, again I imagine, to compliment the film. Finally, there is little in the way of musical hooks (not surprising being a soundtrack) or memorable lines that play back after the cd ends.

I'll be interested in reading fellow prog-ears reader's comments.