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Thread: R. I. P. Jim Pembroke

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    R. I. P. Jim Pembroke

    Died at home, aged 75, after being ill for some time. "Keep the good times rolling," was his final message to his friends, according to his daughter.

    The voice of Wigwam, a great singer-songwriter and of course the author of the ESC entries "Reggae OK" and "Nuku pommiin".
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    Oh, my. Really sorry to hear about this, although I had heard that he was unwell.

    In the middle 90s, when there was not a lot of shows to my taste going on, Rick Chafen (rest in peace) brought him and guitarist Pekka Recchardt to the USA and my friend Gary Ficke (rest in peace) brought them to Baltimore, where I and a good friend, who was a total Wigwam nut, saw them perform.

    It was a great show, with many Wigwam classics delivered in intimate, stripped down fashion in excellent form. And Pekka was an amazing guitarist and accompanist.
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    Sad to read this. He will be missed.
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    Wigwam - Jim Pembroke RIP

    Sadly, another fine musician gone...

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    He was important for the development of rock music in Finland. Fine vocalist as well. RIP.
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    Sad news. Rest in peace Jim.

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    Really sad news. Rest in peace.

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    Grass for blade is one of my alltime favorite Songs. Big loss

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    Great singer in a fantastic band.
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    Boy sad news. How did I mis this thread for so long. I think I've almost all Wigwam albums and one solo Jim Pembroke.

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    He really was a phenomenal singer-songwriter. I was listening to a little of his post-Wigwam solo work and I couldn’t help but be struck by how comparable it is—in both style and quality—to some of Elvis Costello’s contemporaneous stuff. High praise indeed.

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