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Thread: New Asia Live Box Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munster View Post
    I'm not up there myself, still having a decade to go, but I know quite a few people in their late 70s and, based on that, I would say it would be unlikely (admittedly not impossible) that Roger Dean would have the manual dexterity to complete such intricate artwork as this or have the inclination to do so when he could provide the outlines and then get the footwork done elsewhere. Maybe I am wrong and I am doing him a disservice. Perhaps I mix with an unhealthy lot; or perhaps, dare I say it, I am just an ageist!
    No, you leaning towards being correct. This may in fact be more archival Dean work, as he has recently pulled a few things out of scrap bin in recent years. Why not, make a few bucks off of those old pieces that never sold. Newer Dean work tends to be far less detailed than what he did in his prime, and I haven't seen him do pen work in ages. Even those trees in the background resemble his much older work. I once examined an original piece by Dean that he did in the 70's, and was surprised to see he did a pen & ink drawing of a flying winged thing, and had cut it out and pasted it into his painting. (Like the turkey on Fly From Here) This eagle head on this Asia cover very much has characteristics he used on the eagle on ABWH cover. I'm not sure what to make of the wings, as the detail is very muddy/blotchy, it reminds me of when I did halftone photography at my first newspaper job in the early 80's. I will stop short of claiming anything further. Roger is a great great guy, and his legacy is intact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquatarkus View Post
    I'm not familiar with the John Payne era. Anybody have any favorites?
    Probably best to start with one of the live albums from the "Aqua" tour. That was the first studio album with Payne, so you can decide whether or not you like his vocals while listening to a setlist which was still about 50% older songs you already know and like. Steve Howe plays on some of the albums from that tour too, which is another plus.

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    Looks like a digital version of highlights of the box will be released as well. Looks like 24 songs, no repeating titles.

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    Regarding Roger Dean, an excellent window into his world of art, album covers and his podcast are available for viewing thru his official Facebook page:

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    So much fuss about the cover, it is ugly but if you are a fan of Asia what you care mostly is about the music.

    In all honesty, I am a big fan but this release is a real money grab in the true sense. If the Yes Union 30th recordings were pretty bad, this set will produce even worse recordings. The preview does not provide a special interesting bonus, added content or anything better than what is already out there like the XXX in Frisco or the Fantasia live sets. I'll be fine with those and just like I did with all the previous Asia bootlegs (Quadra), to avoid this money trap.

    BTW, I did not know Roger Dean is nearing 80 years, wow. But he is still the Master.

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    If you're an Asia fan, as I am, best to think of this cover illustration as an improvement upon Omega! An otherwise excellent album with an awful cover.


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