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Thread: new COLOURATURA album, "Black Steeple Church"

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    new COLOURATURA album, "Black Steeple Church"

    Hi everyone,

    Ian Beabout here. I thought you might like to know there is a new Colouratura album coming this year. We've launched the first trailer which you can check out below. Preorders begin Friday, Oct 1 at our Bandcamp page.

    Nathan James - bass, lyrics, arrangements, vocals, synths, drum programming
    Derek Pavlic - guitars, viola, synths, keyboards, arrangements, microKorg Vocoder, drum programming
    Ian Beabout - editing, production, arrangements, flute, drum programming

    With special guests

    Brandon Collins: drums
    Derek Ferguson: electronic drums
    Dave Trik: drums
    Paul Sears: drums
    Chris Boros: mellotron
    Jacopo Muneratti: narration

    recorded, edited, assembled, mixed and mastered by IAN BEABOUT at ShedSounds Studio

    Photos by Ian Beabout, graphic design and layout by Eric Kearns

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    Ian B, formerly Zombywoof

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    Cool news, Ian! Looking forward to it.
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    first single from the album, 'Blackheart'
    Ian B, formerly Zombywoof

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    As of TODAY the new Colouratura album is available for preorder at This is also Bandcamp Friday, which means we get 100% of the profits, no fees taken from Bandcamp.

    When you preorder, BLACK STEEPLE CHURCH, you will get 3 songs available immediately for download. One of these will be 'Blackheart' + another album song, 'Heavenly Dancer' and a remake / remix / remodel with new overdubs of an older song called 'Vesuvian Tidepools 2020,' which is an exclusive, digital-only non album track.

    PS - CDs are already in production, so if you place a physical order, I will ship your disc as soon as it's in my hands. Which means you could get your physical order by mid-late October, nearly 2 months before the 'official release.' It's our little way of beating the streaming vampires and giving a little treat to friends, fans, and family !!

    In the meantime, enjoy 'Blackheart' and 'Heavenly Dancer' - the first singles from BLACK STEEPLE CHURCH. Also, you can view a trailer for the album here and check out a live, in the studio trio version of 'Icarus' the here, a song which is much more elaborated on the final album, but here presented in its barebones form.

    That's all from me and I hope you enjoy our new album ! It has been a labor of love, and a passion project in the making for nearly 4 years.
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    Just a heads up, BLACK STEEPLE CHURCH arrived on CD yesterday and I shipped out the first batch of preorders (over a month before the official 'release'). If you have not yet preordered, you still can here - I will get your order out as soon as I can. In fact, I will be going back to the post office tomorrow!

    If you'd like hear some of this album before ordering, there is a new EP comprised of the three Bandcamp prerelease tracks (two album tracks, one exclusive) on all streaming platforms called THE BLACKHEART EP. Check it out !

    That's all from me.
    Ian B, formerly Zombywoof


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