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Thread: MASSIVE CD SALE DISCOUNT! FUSION, PROG, AMBIENT & other eclectic genres Some signed!

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    MASSIVE CD SALE DISCOUNT! FUSION, PROG, AMBIENT & other eclectic genres Some signed!

    I went through all my inventory at Discogs and slashed 95% of my stock down to 50% OFF and old stock of rare prog and electronic music down to $1.00 -- YES, I REALLY DID. It's time for this backlog of music to fly out of here ASAP.

    I just blew several hundred dollars on boutique effects pedals this past week -- some from as far away as the Russian Federation -- so I need some quick cash. Even though I just sold $900 of autographed CDs by the late Shawn Lane -- I still need more cash. FYI: I still have several CDs autographed by the late Allan Holdsworth left.

    Find that deal here: (I do discounted shipping for multiple orders.) [Sorry, only shipping to the USA and such territories.]

    "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you rare music collectors!"


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    57 CDs have sold since sale started! People are buying up to 16 CDs at the time, record stores as well.

    Happy Christmas Eve!

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    Yes, it's MASSIVE.

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    $75 dollars worth just sold. Don’t miss out on a great deal for rare material. I do take offers. Thanks.

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