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Thread: I'm a disabled composer after 32-bit New Age pad sounds, can anyone help?

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    I'm a disabled composer after 32-bit New Age pad sounds, can anyone help?

    Dear Everyone.

    Please, if this is in the wrong part of the forum, just move it. It's my first post here and the reason I've joined.

    I love writing New Age music on my 32-bit disability-friendly DAW, the guy who designed it's vanished and never upgraded it to 64-bit. I don't understand these 64-bit nightmares, I've tried, watched no end of YouTube videos and they still sit there snickering at me.

    The kind of pads I'm after are like anything HERE....

    Any backing sound after the gong, I've got the lead sound sorted. Or HERE....

    Anything apart from the piano. Now I know I'm saying 32-bit collections of presets, but any clues about how they do it, if it's possible to EQ (or whatever) sounds on other VSTs to create those kind of sounds, anything.... It's just they're great New Age sounds and I've zero idea how to get them coming out of my DAW. And I have tried. Watched videos, the lot. Theirs are lovely, wafty sounds, mine vary between over-reverb ed Superglue and bagpipe drones!

    I'd be ecstatic with a bunch of 32-bit VST sounds, or where to go to get them. If there's something like a Korg M1 VST with b etter sounds that would be awesome - the M1 lets you choose from lists of its building blocks but its sounds sound dated. Something like that with b etter sounds wouod be awesojme.

    Yours hopefully


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    Hi Chris, welcome to the forum.
    Yeah, this probably would be better in another forum like Artist's page, but we'll let the mod's decide.

    If you're looking for quality free vst's, you can't go wrong with a company called u-he.
    I have several u-he synths I've purchased, but have never used the free versions, but have heard some great things about them.
    See if this synth meets your requirements and it is available as 32 bit(I assume you're using a PC).
    This link is for Zebralette, a free version of his synth Zebra, which if you like the free version you can upgrade later and purchase the full version.
    I'm also providing a Youtube video of a musician showing the 300 presets which come free with the download. This way you can decide if the presets will connect with you or not.
    Zebralette download:

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    Go here:

    Set the OS Filter to Win32 only. Now only 32 bit vsts will be shown. Look through the categories on the left side
    for what you want.

    Here is a list of some good free vsts to start with for the music style your interested in:

    Crystal(this one is a must!)
    Arminator 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulrichburke View Post
    Please, if this is in the wrong part of the forum, just move it.
    Moved to the artists forum. You might get more traction in the correct forum - several talented and tech-savvy members are active in that forum.

    Welcome aboard.


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    The DAW and VST's I use are all 64 bit so I'm not sure if what I'm going to recommend has 32 bit options, but I do like them and they would be worth investigating for you.

    One of the best VST's that I use and is free comes from Spitfire Audio. There are several free instruments and sounds in their LABS series, many of which fall into that New Age category when used properly. They also have a free BBC Orchestra download that contains some very finely sampled orchestral instruments.

    Kontakt also has a bunch of freebies that are pretty good.

    You might also want to check out Virgin Choir, which has some nice choir like vocals.

    But in general, if you are looking for nice New Age pads you can;t go wrong with the many free synthesizer VST's that are out there. They pretty much all so ethereal pads once you learn to modify their presets or program them yourself.

    2 other VST's that will help with making those basic sounds better is the Valhalla Supermassive and Valhalla Space Modulator. These are delays and other effects to enhance your sounds, especially if you automate some of the controls on these.

    Again, I use the 64bit version so I hope there might be a 32bit version for you because all of these are definitely worth having.
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    I am 100% 32bit and use loads of synth vsti.
    Google HG fortune and you will find his whole collection free to download. I think there are about 30.
    He died about 7 years ago.
    If you fancy Mellotron the 2 that I use the most are Tapeotronic and Redtron both are free and truly exceptional. Again use Google for the download links.
    Here's a link to a free tongue drum vsti that you can use as a pad it's free and fantastic.
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    I'm assuming this is also you:

    Given the context and comments I'm going to assume you're looking for something immediate with little/no modification required. Most of the "8-hour new age relaxation/environmental/atmospheric" videos on YT are IMHO built from the same template as the old new age albums that were so highly prevalent in the late 80's/early 90's (the sort of kiosk found in every Natural Wonders store at the mall here in the states).

    Most of those sounds were created using ROMplers, the sample-based digital synths that offered lots of polyphony and a ton of impressive sounds, but also needed (and thus offered) very little tweakability. This also suited the composers who were typically not sound designers themselves but simply wanted pretty pads to sit behind some focal point like a flute or harp or the like.

    To that end, you may consider browsing here:

    These are budget priced VSTs that are essentially sampled ROMplers. Always wanted a Yamaha SY22 or Roland D110? Now you can for just a few pounds it seems. These don't appeal to me because the tweakability is very low, but this might be exactly what you're looking for. And while the main product page specifies that they are all 64-bit VST instruments their FAQ states that they can and will provide 32-bit versions upon request.

    Good luck
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    Also, Ephemeral Sun: it's a thing and we like making things that might be your thing:


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