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Thread: 20-minute version of Wonderous Stories???

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    20-minute version of Wonderous Stories???

    Hey, we need another YES thread!

    I'm confused by this statement over at PA. Is it my reading comprehension (I'm severely dyslexic) or is there some 20-minute version of "Wonderous Stories" that I'm not aware of? Because "Wonderous Stories" on my copy of YESSHOWS is just about 4 minutes long. So if it the YESSHOWS version is "1/5 of its original length" then the original length would be 20 minutes, no?

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    (snip)'s a pity that Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil) had to be split in two parts because of vinyl limits, but it's more a pity that Wonderous Stories is cut to an excerpt only. One of my favorite YES songs is shortenet to 1/5 of its original length....

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    I think the source you're quoting just doesn't know what he's talking about.
    Thread over.


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