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Thread: Singer in NYC area wanted for upcoming ELP gig

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    Singer in NYC area wanted for upcoming ELP gig

    We -- keyboards, bass, drums, guitar -- have a gig booked for an ELP tribute show at the end of August. One night, two sets. There will be several days of rehearsal. There's a couple hundred $$ in it for you if you are game and able.

    Message me here if interested.

    NB: we play Karn Evil 9 1st Impression in the original key

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    10 yrs ago I woulda stabbed at trying, but the ravages of weed have put the kibosh on that -

    however would love to attend the gig - so keep us posted.

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    ^^ I second that.
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    We did get a singer , and we are doing the gig , tonight
    2 sets, 7pm and 9pm, at the Starving Artist Cafe on City Island

    Featuring Brand X keyboardist Chris Clark


    Advance tickets can be purchased here
    7 pm
    9 pm


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